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Earnse Bay Kitesurfing


The initial course splits into two days and is structured as required by BKSA.

Below is a breakdown of the two days and what you can expect from each day.


The main aim of Day 1

  • Introduce people of all ages to the fun of flying kites.
  • Introduce some independent skills using small foil kites and L.E.I. (Leading Edge Inflatable) Kites.
  • 1-1 learning, with a max of 2-1


This is what we’ll cover in Day 1

    Level 1 Introduction to Kite Flying Part

    1: Basic kite handling Part

    2: LEI rigging launching and basic flying Part

    3: Basic body dragging, generating power Part

    4: directional body dragging, control and self rescue



Pricing for Day 1 is -

Kids 12-16 year old - £15 per hour for up to six hours

Adults 16-whatever age that still wants to try it - £20 per hour for up to six hours

Contact us

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Chris Ainsbury
15 Eden Ave,
Barrow in Furness,
LA14 3 XW

Tel - 07562 103 409

Email - Chrisainsat15@aol.com


Day 2

For Day two we will be tackling the following -



Level 2 Introduction to the board

Part 1: Introduction to boards and board start technique

Part 2: First board starts

Part 3. First rides including prolonged power delivery

Part 4- Independent kiteboarding Riding with others


Pricing for this is -

Kids - £15 per hour

Adults - £20 per hour




If you have been asked to fill in any forms and return them, you will find them below.


Standard Parental Consent


Release of Liability


Student Registration for Voucher


Form 27 Parental Consent


Medical Questionnaire



Our Equipment

We value your safety and our reputation...



Earnse Bay Kitesurfing kites


...so the only kites we use are Peter Lynn.





For more information on kitesurfing in the uk,
check out British Kitesports, the appointed National Governing Body for Kitesurfing and other kitesports in the UK.


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